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Katutura (Otjiherero for The place where people do not want to live) is
a township of Windhoek, Khomas Region, Namibia. Katutura was created in
1961 following the forced removal of Windhoek’s black population from
the Old Location, which afterwards was developed into the suburb now
known as Hochland Park.

Katutura Fashion Week is an opportunity for Namibian designers to
display their skills and to intrigue the public with fashion. Our
long-term goal is to become a well-known name, local, regional and
international.  Our aim is to reach out to all corners of Namibia by
giving an opportunity to our local people (designers and models) to get
engaged in the fashion industry.

As Katutura Fashion week, we believe we
will be one of the first shows to have different categories of models in
one show in Namibia.   

The different categories would comprise of a
(kiddies section, persons with disabilities, plus-size models, and
Petite Models from all corners of Namibia).  KFW would like to create in
the short-term job opportunities for locals and enhancing the fashion
industry in our country that is currently very limited. We therefore are
very excited to enter the fashion industry and favourably compete with
other leading brands in the fashion design industry in coming years. KFW
would like to be a catalyst for growth of the industry and to support
and strengthen the industry as well.

With this fashion show, we want to provide exposure for makeup artists,
designers, and Jewelry makers, straight off the runway. Retail /
Boutique / shop owners to have their clothing advertised on a fashion
ramp which would create additional exposure for their shops.

The concept behind Katutura Fashion Week is to dedicate and celebrate
all the people in this country that have fought tirelessly and
sacrificed their lives for the independence of our country. For the
Namibian people that have lost their lives in order for us to have one.
It is a dedication to the people that lost their lives during the
Genocide, those that lost their lives during Cassinga and those that
lost their lives during Ongulumbashe.

Katutura Fashion Week Is a dedication in so many ways to bringing
fashion to the people as well as uniting cultures through fashion and
especially embracing our local talented designers from all walks of life
in Namibia, to showcase just how much talent the country has, and at the
same time identifying potential models across the country to give them a
chance to be a part of this experience and thus diversifying fashion

Our vision

Katutura Fashion Week is envisioned to become the most influential fashion platform in the country, which will happen on an Annual Basis. Katutura Fashion Week will promote Namibian designers, and give an opportunity to emerging fashion designers through all 14 regions of the country a chance to showcase and receive the necessary exposure which can help in catapulting them into a bigger market. The end goal of KFW is to have Fashion designers from around the continent wanting to come and showcase in the land of the brave.

Katutura Fashion Week was created to:

  • Support and strengthen the design industry in Namibia;
  • Giving models from all parts of the country a chance to be scouted for greater markets;
  • To create and grow models portfolios;
  • Make-up artists seeking exposure and get paid for their work;
  • Photographers seeking to work with designers to help build their portfolios;
  • Designers seeking exposure for their garments and in the process get them sold;
  • Commissioning of designers to mass produce their range;
  • The Jewellery makers seeking to sell their pieces straight off the run way; and
  • Retail shops seeking to both sell their latest range and also to buy from the runway to a mass produce / stock in their stores.

Katutura Fashion Week [Motto]

“Uniting Cultures through Fashion and Bringing Fashion to the People”

Scouting and Talent Search

KATUTURA FASHION WEEK will scout models and designers from all 14 regions of Namibia.

  • Models scouted from all walks of life in Namibia.14 males will be selected to take part at the biggest event KFW
  • 14 females will be selected to take part at the biggest event KFW
  •  Kids sections to be hosted age ranges between 6 -12 years old KFW.
  • By invitation international designers will be invited to show case at KFW.
  • By invitation international models male & female will be invited to take part at KFW.
  • Dj s & local artists given a platform to perform KFW.

Katutura Fashion Week for Namibians by Namibians.


The brain behind Katutura fashion week: Hendrik M Muatara (known as Dennis Hendricks.

I was part of that struggle. I spend 14 years of my life in exile, my mother was amongst those that left home and went into exile to continue the fight for freedom, and my father was locked up in prison by the apartheid regime due to his political affiliation. Myself and so many other children returned to Namibia, for those born abroad were coming home for the first time after years in exile in 1992 after our country gained independence. Like any other kid I was filled with joy and happiness, coming home to a free Namibia, my Namibia.

This road has not been an easy road for me, I went through a lot of rejection, people misunderstanding what you are trying to stand for, being straight, black and a male model during that time was not something a lot of people understood and some are still failing to understand even when fashion has evolved internationally and locally.

In all that I never gave up, as I always wanted to be seen as a pioneer in our local fashion industry, to say that I was able to inspire young man & women from different walks of life who wanted to be part of this movement. For me I wanted to help grow the fashion industry in Namibia, to break the stereo type, because you’re a male model doing modelling in a country where fashion is very limited to mostly only females

Katutura Fashion Week [Motto]

“Uniting Cultures through Fashion and Bringing Fashion to the People”
The Founder KFW Director – Dennis Hendricks
Project manager  – Nicolas Rande
CO – DIRECTOR (KFW) – Bella Veiko
Assistant Project manager (KFW)- Helena Hangula

Dennis Hendricks


Profile info: Full name Hendrik Muashindange Muatara - known as (Dennis Hendricks) Nationality – Namibian Male

1) Gherushcat Africa – Southern Africa male
model winner 2019 most vote and likes on social

2) The founder of the Katutura Fashion Week:Established 1 st February 2018

3) The face of Kongoma Africa dance -2018

4) Brand Ambassador – Germany Fashion |
Beauty 2018 / 2019

5) AWARD –Mister gherushcat Namibia ,Fashion
model for the month of 2018 and our ambassador
to the country of Namibia.

6) International Guest appearance at Mister
Zambia male competition – October 2018

7) Zambia Fashion Week 2018

8) Show cased as designer and Run way model

9) at African Fashion Week Nigeria – September 2018

10) Show cased as Designer and Run way model
at Windhoek Fashion Week – November 2017

11)  The overall winner best male model face of
southern Africa Fashion Awards 2014 – 2016

12) Face of SADC – 2014/2016.Covers for Nams

13) 2015 To 2016 signed by Agency South Africa –
Loys Model Management

14) Local Magazine features

15) Featured model on Billboard /Campaign.

16) Old mutual campaign.

17) Telecom Namibia campaign

18) TN Mobile Campaign

19) Nam Post Namibia Campaign

20) Athlete 400m / 200m.

21) International TV advert – -Reebok.

22) A model Ambassador SADC countries Africa.

23) Run way Model at regional and international
fashion events

24) DH – Exclusive Modeling Agency

25) The face behind TM CLOTHING LINE –
Namibian sports brand.

26) Featured on local and international music

27)In-house photographer for “In vision Wellness

28) KFW & Museum association of Namibia – workshop 2020

29)  KFW & UNESCO, University Of Namibia – Workshop 2020

Model profile – Info: Dennis Hendricks Freelance Model: Catwalk/ promotions / lifestyle/ modelling/

Founder of Katutura fashion week
Director (Dennis Hendricks)

Nationality – Namibian

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. My name is Hendrik Muashindange Muatara (known as
Dennis Hendricks) and this is my story. Born in WINDHOEK 1/04/ 1982 – I had no idea that one day I would be able
To showcase the journey, I have travelled in such a dynamic way “.

How I got into fashion? It’s so funny that I actually never thought I will end up doing modelling and matter of fact
getting involved as such. My biggest dream was to become the fastest athlete in my track & field both 400 m /200 m
distance in the world and it’s all I ever did since my school year done so well at it. I hate modelling maybe because at
the time joining a lot of people were stereotype. Until one day I met a biggest agent – a white lady that introduced
me to the industry and told me that I should try it out and I might not see what she sees in me. She said I think you
have good face for a model, and so much potential. I laughed yet at the same I was flirted because of someone at
her age had to tell me that. And she said this my card or come to my hotel and I took the opportunity with both
hands and at the same time trying to balancing both school work, running and modelling at the same time. At the
time been amongst few young black kid from Katutura I saw the importance of it. My first gig was the Pan African –
Fashion show and at the time the biggest event ever and I was given an opportunity to take part as well as
representing only male for Namibia that was a door opener for me and I got my first paid gig first time and I was just
in school but I needed it. And the rest was

History since then I never looked back regardless hard time s I pushed myself, I kept climbing. I saw a lot of models
that came and left. I pushed myself not even knowing I was inspiring my black people around. I Kept it all all to one
day representing my black community becoming a model figure. The rest was history, here I’m now telling and
sharing my story about how I got into fashion.

1. What is your favourite colour?
Brown, Green & grey

2. Which country that you travelled was your best?
Los Angeles, Malibu California and Lagos state Nigeria

3. How has fashion helped you survive hard times?
I had never really picture myself that I was better than anybody out there, I manage to survive because I knew
where I was going. I stood my ground my habits of thinking, feeling and acting as well as self – awareness. I survived
because for me it was all about passion and I’ve devoted past decade so that I could inspires others from the street
and at the time for me I was not really concern about the money etc. and I think that really ground me as a person.

4. Describe your modelling style?
It helped me from generating funds from runway, to promotions events, print modelling, advertising and billboard
campaign getting paid for my work that all along had helped me to survive the hard times. Regardless
My post – traumatic growth. We live in a culture that is so quick – fix oriented. You just never give up on something
you know you good at.

5. Who inspired you to become a model?
I was scouted by agent – when I was just grade 8. It was an old white lady that told me I should try it out and she
inspired me. Of course Ken Arlidge and the ‘REEBOK ADVERT changed my life.

6. What about the fashion industry would you change if you could?
To reach out all parts of Namibia focus on all 14 region s of the country.
To introduce various modelling airtifacts methodology as well as designs
To fight stereotype that –it’s not every male model doing modelling that is gay.
To create an and provide an excellent overview model data base in the country in order to create job opportunity for
inspiring male & female models all around the country.
To strategies for creating better models standard and the resources.

7. I would be probably say its non-other than my model agent reason because at the time she believed in me when
industry was just the darkest moment and she actually paved a door for me fact that she was from the era of fashion
most deff my model icon. And Mr Ken Arlidge – reason be because he encourages me after the first Reebok TV
commercial advert embodies me the definition of hard work pays off and the right attitude in me. My aunt that
raised me up during my life in exile Mee Alina K she is absolutely an amazing mother she taught me the important
possession is love. My mother Johanna Muatara she has given me the gift of understanding hard work and striving to
be the best I can everything I do.

Bella Veiko


Bella Veiko – She received her Master’s in Business Information Systems from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. Her research is situated in the field of Technology & Innovation, with a special focus on the role of digitalization in a sustainable local economic development of a community in Namibia. Bella teaches several courses on technology and the business economics of high‐technology industries to business and engineering students. She has won several awards for being innovative. She currently runs and executes projects for different companies as a business analyst. With her different side, she is also passionate about fashion and she is currently a co-director of KFW, she ought to make sure that the project is executed successfully and meets its visions and objectives. With a logical mind that easily grasps new business concepts, Bella is also known for her ability complete deliverables projects.


Nicolas Rande

Project manager (KFW)

Nicolas was born a 16 May, in cholet, France. he has developed, at this crossroads of the Val de Loire region, a great sensitivity to the arts and history before leaving to live in Paris. Hiking, swimming and horse riding complete the register of his passions. Tour de Cuba in 1990 and Tour de Corse in 1991, were for him two remarkable adventures. The taste of direct contacts, as much as that of cultures, make him a concerned traveler, who knows how to put a realism consistent at the service of his enthusiasms.
for almost 9 years, his qualities are used in Namibia, his country of heart. At the French-Namibian cultural center in Windhoek first and then as part of the artistic education association he created, in the platform Katutura Fashion Week & Awards where he practices as a project manager and now as a founder and Call projects Manager in The Block Movement Together we stand for dignity.
The circle of his knowledge is wide and varied, artistic circles, mediatic, but not only, Namibia interests him in all its dimensions, from the most concrete to the most sophisticated, dimensions that he intends to share beyond the borders of the land of the braves …

Helena Hangula

Assistant Project manager (KFW)

Iam Helena Hangula. I was born in Ohakweenyanga. My fashion career started at the College of The Art where I did an Applied Arts Diploma in Fashion, I later went on to France for a Fashion Design course at lycee Lacalade. After few years of lecturing I realised I need to broaden my skills, I enrolled with the University of Namibia and I hold the following qualifications
• Diploma in Fashion Design ( College of The Arts)
• Diploma in Fashion and Textile Design (University of Namibia)
• BA Honours degree in Fashion and Textile Design (University of Namibia)

• I have showcased my designs in England at the African Renaissance Fashion Week, France, Niger and at various fashion shows in Namibia.
• Judged the Designers Fashion Show competition in Namibia for years.
• For the past years I have been involved in community work whereby I conduct Fashion Design workshops at school in regions such as Karas, Ohangwena, Kavango, Hardap, Omusati, Omaheke, Otjikoto and Oshana, through Music Academy a programme under the College of The Arts.
• I dressed Namibian Awards presenters 2016